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Science center

SajTom Light Future is an independent research and innovation center in the field of new functional materials. New technologies and science are our passion.

Research services

Special areas of interest are semiconductor materials, photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry, intelligent materials, functionalized polymers and biopolymers.

Modern facility for your R&D project

SajTom is a company based on knowledge and experience of people and modern scientific equipment. We offer partnership for research project including EU-funding programmes

Our offer

SajTom Light Future has become a leading chemical laboratory in Poland in area of photocatalysis.

Moreover we offer:
  • partnership for research project including EU-funding programmes
  • scientific collaboration
  • development of photocatalytic technologies for air and water purification as well as self-cleaning concrete glass and plastic surfaces
  • scientific research and analysis services using spectroscopic electrochemical and chromatographic tools

Our Company in Numbers

Science, research and innovative development is our passion, see that we feel good in what we do.

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Photocatalysis technology is the main area of activity of SajTom Light Future. We are the leader in the photocatalysis industry in Poland.

Photocatalysis is a technology in which, due to the light absorption  by a semiconductor, electron-hole pairs are generated. Formed charges can initiate subsequent reactions – oxidation or reduction reactions.

Therefore photocatalysis can be used in many applications:

  • air and water filtration
  • cleaning the surface
  • hydrogen production from water
  • reduction of carbon dioxide to methane and other fuels

SajTom deals with the implementation of innovative photocatalysts in commercial and industrial applications. We are open to any form of cooperation in the field of photocatalysis. Our recent implementations:

  • 3D printer Accura Genius3D with filter eliminating odors
  • desktop air purifier Nanopy-1

Selected projects

Project Sonata

Charges separation, trapping, recombination and interfacial transfer in nanocrystalline, copper-based core/shell semiconducting materials for photoectrochemical water splitting

ID: 2016/21/D/ST4/00221 financed by National Science Centre – Poland

RPO Malopolska

R&D project „Graphene semiconductor photocatalytic filters for removing impurities from high-risk workplaces” ID: RPMP.01.02.01-12-0401/17-00 co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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