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SajTom Light Future LTD

The company has been founded in June 2015. SajTom Light Future is an independent research center focused on innovative materials. It is a company-bridge between the science, industry and business. s SajTom is a company based on knowledge and experience of people who are the firm’s most valuable asset.

The company focuses on issues in the field of photocatalysis, photoelectrochemistry, nanotechnology and new functional materials. We undertake a variety of research topics, with the use of modern technologies and focus on innovation. An extremely important issue that distinguishes the company is the search for issues with real chances of practical implementation. On the other hand we support enterprises in various research issues and needed chemical analysis.

Honest business partner

SajTom Light Future is a reliable business partner and a high-level research center. We provide research services as well as carry out scientific, research and development projects.

International reach

The results of our scientific activities are published in top international journals. We provided research services for entities from various countries.

Scientific and business achievements

Our scientific achievements, presented in the ``projects`` and ``papers`` tabs, testify to our reliability and scientific excellence.

Executive board

dr Szymon Wojtyła

Chief Executive Officer

CEO – Dr. Szymon Wojtyła was born in 1987. He was graduated from the Department of Chemistry at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. He obtained a PhD in chemical sciences in 2016 from Jagiellonian University, on the basis of a doctoral dissertation on photocatalytic oxygen activation. He carried out research internships at the University of Milan and University of Bohum. He was the manager of a research project “Preludium” financed by the National Science Center. Since 2015 he’s been holding a position of the  President of the Executive Board in SajTom Light Future. He is the author of 4 patent applications, a chapter in a book, and more than 20 scientific articles in reputable journals.

COO – Dr. Tomasz Baran born in 1987. He was graduated from the Department of Chemistry at the Jagiellonian University. In 2015, he obtained a double doctorate in chemical sciences at the University of Bari and the Jagiellonian University in Cracow on the basis of a doctoral dissertation on the photocatalytic conversion of CO2. He completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Milan. Since 2015 he’s been holding a position of the Chief Operating Officer in SajTom Light Future. He carried out research internships at the European Atomic Synchrotron Center in Grenoble and a one-year internship at the De Nora Industrie R&D center. He was the manager of several scientific and R&D projects financed by the National Science Center, the Foundation for Polish Science, the Ministry of Science (MiUR) of the Italian Republic and the EU Funds. He was a laureate of the international Applied Electrochemistry scholarship funded by Fondazione De Nora Oronzio e Niccolò. He is the author of 4 patent applications and 27 scientific articles.

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dr Tomasz Baran

Chief Operating Officer

Human capital and lab equipment

Qualified staff is our greatest asset, which together with openness to new ideas and an innovative approach guarantee a solid partnership and successful cooperation.

Our laboratories are equipped with modern scientific equipment, which allows us to carry out our research tasks at the highest level. Our equipment resources include::

  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer UV-2600 (Shimadzu) with an integrating sphere for measuring solid and liquid samples with an extended measuring range 1500-200 nm
  • Infrared FRIR spectrophotometer IRaffinity-1S (Shimadzu) with ATR attachment (diamond crystal)
  • Potentiostat/galvanostat Sp-150 (BioLogic)
  • Impadance specrometer (BioLogic)
  • Gas chromatographs GC-2030 Nexis (Shimadzu)
  • Hydrothermal reactor TGYF-A
  • LED illuminators
  • Small laboratory equipment:  analytical balance, centrifuges, muffle furnaces, 3D printer, pH meters

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